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Resume screening and primary selection
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Successful application

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  • Position:QA manager

    Release time:2019-08-31

    Job description:

    1. Establish and improve the company's quality system, promote the effective operation of the quality assurance system, and ensure that materials and products meet the approved requirements and quality standards;

    2. Reviewed all GMP related documents of the company, and supervised the implementation of GMP of all departments;

    3. Responsible for internal audit and external audit;

    4. Coordinate the work related to confirmation and verification;

    5. Responsible for reviewing relevant records of product release;

    6. Audit the compliance of production, inspection and other on-site data; Responsible for the supervision and guidance of deviation management, change management and OOS management;

    7. Actively completed other assigned tasks.

    Job requirements:
    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry, pharmacy or pharmacy;

    2. At least 3 years of quality work experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises, including at least 2 years of QA work experience;

    3. Experience in market audit in Europe, America and Japan is preferred;

    4. Familiar with medicine-related laws, regulations, guiding principles, national and industrial standards, etc., and able to skillfully apply them in work practice;

    5. Good communication, organization and coordination skills, team management skills;

    6. Have strong subjective initiative, rigorous and serious work attitude, adhere to principles and strong sense of responsibility.

  • Position:QC manager

    Release time:2019-08-31

    Job description:
    1. Lead the daily work of QC laboratory under regulations, including personnel qualification, instrument calibration, maintenance, effectiveness of materials/reagents, integrity of data files, etc. Cooperate with QA in regular internal audit and external audit.

    2. Perform central control test, quality inspection and release of starting materials, reagents and intermediates in accordance with relevant SOP.

    3. Responsible for the development of analytical methods, worked closely with the r&d department to guide the preparation of analytical method validation scheme, carried out validation experiments and completed validation reports.

    4. Identify the needs of the QC department to continuously improve its capabilities, including improving staff operating standards, equipment upgrading, increasing and updating SOP, strengthening GMP concept to ensure reliability, authenticity, traceability of analysis data, and standardization/institutionalization of records.

    5. Other work assigned by the leader.

    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above in chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacy or related fields.

    2. At least 2 years of supervisor leadership experience, strong leadership skills, good oral and written communication skills

    3. Have practical experience in relevant analytical techniques and certain theoretical knowledge, be proficient in using HPLC/GC and other analytical instruments, and master various physical and chemical analysis

    4. Strong sense of responsibility, rigorous and careful in work

    5. Able to consult various literatures and independently develop analytical methods for general products

  • Position:QC

    Release time:2019-08-31

    Job description:

    To develop and validate analytical methods for chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and apis

    Complete the management, calibration, verification and maintenance of the used instruments and equipment

    Responsible for sampling, testing, sample retention, sample observation, stability test, etc

    Responsible for standard sample control and management

    Responsible for quality standard formulation

    Job requirements:

    1. Proficient in using HPLC/GC and other analytical instruments, and proficient in various physical and chemical analysis

    2. Able to consult various literatures and independently develop analytical methods for general products

    3. Bachelor degree or above, major in biology, chemistry, pharmacy, etc.


  • Position:Senior organic synthesis engineer

    Release time:2019-08-31

    Job description:

    1. Consult relevant literature, independently design and implement the synthetic route;

    2. As the product manager or project leader, independently or led the team to complete major projects;

    3. Capable of r & d management, capable of personnel training and project management.

    Job requirements:

    1, pragmatic, studious, with good self-learning ability

    2. Active, optimistic, passionate, good at communication and teamwork

    3. Tell the truth and get things done

    4. Develop a developmental perspective

    5, have a win-win thinking, recognition of collective struggle, know how to be grateful

    6. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry, pharmacy, fine chemical engineering, 2 years or above experience in the same position

    7. Love chemistry and have long-term ambition to develop in the chemical industry

  • Position:Senior organic synthesis researcher

    Release time:2019-08-31

    Job description:

    1. Independently completed the literature review and atlas analysis, and completed the preliminary design of compound synthesis route according to the literature

    2. Finish the chemical reaction skillfully, make a comprehensive analysis of the results, and complete the research project with certain difficulty with the assistance

    3. Solve some problems in the experiment

    4. Instruct junior members to complete project work

    5. Complete the experiment record and report clearly and completely

    Job requirements:

    1. Master degree or bachelor degree with more than one year organic synthesis experience, major in organic chemistry or pharmaceutical chemistry or related;

    2. Have related work experience in chemical synthesis, be familiar with the operation of organic synthesis unit, and have strong analytical and problem-solving ability; '

    3. Good sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.

  • Position:Accountant

    Release time:2019-08-31

    Job description:

    1. Majored in finance and accounting, with accounting certificate;

    2. At least 2 years relevant working experience or at least 1 year comprehensive working experience in an industrial enterprise;

    3. Familiar with accounting system, tax law and financial management knowledge;

    4. Proficient in using Excel, various functions and financial software;

    5. Good learning ability, independent working ability and financial analysis ability;

    6. Meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills and team spirit.

    Job requirements:

    1. Daily accounting of the company;

    2. Responsible for accounts receivable and payable accounting and aging analysis, and regularly check accounts with suppliers;

    3, the company's payment and receipt accounting processing and invoicing.